LabCoNYC: Where doers and dreamers bring their drive to CREATE

Success happens when a culture that embraces collaboration, innovation, and fast failure is cultivated.

The mix creates opportunity.

The opportunity for complimentary skillsets and creative tension to build something great. At LabCo we seek both the best ideas and talent, in traditional and unexpected manifestations, and we commit all our effort to unlocking their full potential.

Why LabCo? This is the place where start-ups are born. The limits of emerging technologies are explored and pushed, and so are our entrepreneurs

All resources from capital networks to otherwise inaccessible mentorship are tapped. No stone left unturned.

We do – and have – what it takes to create compelling opportunities. 

While our experience and expertise lies in B2B Fintech, we invest in people and ideas, and don’t allow ourselves to pass on a great one.

Have an awesome idea but don’t know where to start? Harbor a desire to work for a thriving start-up or take a company public but remain tied to your 9-5 routine and desk? We will take care of all the unnecessary obstacles and allow you to take care of perfecting your product and making sales.


When expert executives and entrepreneurs-in-residence share an authentic desire to build something with CoFounders traction is quickly achieved. And when this is coupled with a vision borne of realism and experience, what seems impossible inevitably begins to feel possible.

The secret of the LabCo model is recognizing latent talent, potentiality in its infancy, and most importantly