The Start-Up Gene

At LabCo, we believe success requires a solid work ethic, project leadership, and relentless commitment. You bring these qualities and more – including a strong adherence to the lean start-up approach. This means comfort in rapid iteration, feedback acceptance and an eye always towards innovation. 



A Two-pronged Focus

With LabCoNYC providing so many administrative and strategic resources, we expect our teams and entrepreneurs to invest significant energy into identifying places and spaces ripe for disruption, and then apply the two-prong focus – (1) exhausting product market fit options and (2) tirelessly acquire customers. 


Bias to Action 

Bias to action is a defining aspect of the LabCoNYC culture. We’ve got the wins, yes, but you’re the crucial innovator who must be willing to put one foot in front of the other, constantly tailoring your product to perfection, and applying your knowledge base with pragmatism and enthusiasm. 


Domain Expertise 

You can’t make solutions for industries you don’t intimately understand. We believe that while domain expertise is a must, it’s nothing without the domino effect catalyzed by an inspired team trained to execute disruption.  

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