Executive Networks and Expert Advice

With partner relationships that offer access to capital networks and expert entrepreneurial advice, LabCoNYC prioritizes incredible mentorship for the entire team of its closely-held companies.  Unparalleled access to an executive roster representing the best in FinTech gives those that work with LabCo an irreplaceable  advantage. 




Dynamic Work Environment

Master builders of culture, our executive team and resident entrepreneurs exude commitment to innovation and enthusiasm into the LabCoNYC environment. This agile-minded culture of collaboration is only further enhanced by our chosen working space; modern co-working offices in Manhattan. 




Reduced Risk, Unlimited Reward

WitIn exchange for equity-compensation and a market salary, we unburden budding entrepreneurs of some of the most difficult aspects of taking that final leap into a traditionally risk and anxiety-filled career of entrepreneurship, letting them focus on value capturing and creation.



Reasonable Expectations for Successful Exits 

The LabCo team has been involved with countless ventures. Many have succeeded and many more have failed. We always anticipate the best but plan for the worst, and we pass on those experiences and sentiments to our entrepreneurs. 


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